Community Recommended Vendors: May 2018 Issue

Good afternoon! This is one of the most exciting Referral Directory Issues I am publishing thus far!!! This issue is extremely special as I now have phone numbers to share with you! 🙂 Thanks to my amazing community members for your assistance in acquiring these numbers:

Notary,Cheryl Palmquist,

Tree Servicer, Justine Rodriguez

Inspector, Bethany Cathcart

Please also visit the Local Businesses Directory for additional local services, and Printable Referral Directory for a copy to print and keep in your file.

Additionally, this new list will be published and distributed around town, so stay tuned for more information! 🙂


Kenzie Kipper, SRES, ABR – Broker at Kelly Right Real Estate of Seattle LLC


Referral Directory:

May 2018 Referral Directory

PRINTABLE Referral Directory:

May 2018 PRINTABLE Referral Directory

Local Businesses Directory:

May 2018 Local Businesses Directory.jpg

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