2019 Year in Review Market Insider: Stanwood & Camano Island, WA

Stanwood’s median sales prices started slightly lower in 2019 than 2018, yet had a unusual peak in October far above 2018’s prices. Year ended 1.7% less year over year, with a median price in December of $439,995. 2019 – Stanwood, WA’s Median Sales Price Statistics Started at $392,500 in January Peaked in March at $472,000 Adjusted down over the summer Peaked again at $493,000 in … Continue reading 2019 Year in Review Market Insider: Stanwood & Camano Island, WA

2018 Year In Review

After many years of steadily increasing prices, low inventory and multiple offers, we have finally seen the market slow down slightly. Whether this is a common seasonal swing as homebuyers and sellers take a break for the holidays, or a historical cycle coming to fruition, as we have reached year 10 out of a 7-10 year cycle, it is unknown until the summer months. Median … Continue reading 2018 Year In Review

2017 Year In Review

2017 was yet another seller’s market as buyer demand remained high and inventory levels remained quite low. Stanwood, WA median prices started around $339,950, reached $370,000 in the summer, peaked at $395,000 in October, and kept their value through the winter months, ending the year at $393,000! Camano Island, WA median prices started at $339,000, reached $365,000 in June and peaked in December at $395,000! … Continue reading 2017 Year In Review

2016 Year In Review

2016 was another seller’s market as buyer demand remained high and prices appreciated. Stanwood, WA was at its low in January, with a median home price of $286,500. The summer hovered around $350,000, reaching a high in November at $380,000. Stanwood’s median home price ended the year at $332,000 in December. Camano Island, WA started the year at an elevated median home price of $345,000. … Continue reading 2016 Year In Review

Fed Funds Rate

The Fed Funds rate has been at 0% for some time. Since 2010, it has been at or near 0%. Historically, the rate has never been so low. Now that the market has recovered from the most recent recession which started October 2008, there has been talk of raising it. There is no telling when this will happen, but it has been discussed to raise … Continue reading Fed Funds Rate

Real Estate Market Cycle

As a second generation real estate broker, I have a unique understanding of the market. My father has been selling commercial property and mother selling homes in the Greater Seattle area for over 40 years. They have seen interest rates rise to 18%+ and markets cycle every seven to ten years. I began selling real estate in 2005, in the heat of the last market peak and have seen a … Continue reading Real Estate Market Cycle