home value

Selling your house is likely the most expensive item you sell in your life at any given time. While real estate is an investment, it is also your home, and where your heart has resided, setting the stage for an extremely emotional sale. This is why finding an experienced agent who can facilitate the sale professionally and meet your needs is vital to this process.

Kenzie Kipper with Kenzie Realty LLC at Kelly Right Real Estate of Seattle lives locally, on Camano Island and offers her community the highest level of service. With a marketing and finance degree from the University of Washington, a second generation Real Estate broker, and over 15 years of experience in buyer’s and seller’s markets, she can help you make serious decisions including:

  1. How much to list your home for.
  2. How to maximize your investment and prepare your home for sale on any budget.
  3. Which buyer to choose.
  4. How to best strategize each negotiation.
  5. What the next best move is.

While each sale is unique, Kenzie brings a business mind to a personal sale and helps each client get the highest net proceeds with the most minimal amount of stress. Her aim-to-please attitude ensures positive interactions with all parties, leaving a win-win feeling for all involved.

If you are looking to interview agents, understand the value of your home, or start preparing your home for the market, Kenzie welcomes you to contact her for an anytime at 425-765-4432 or, or Contact Us below: